DBT Self-help is a psychotherapeutic self-help tool for Apple iPhone and iPad.


Use effective skills to reach your goals, create and maintain balanced relationships while building your self-respect.


Cope with overwhelming feelings, without acting impulsively.


Identify and regulate your emotions and develop behaviors that increase positive emotions in your life.


Increase your awareness and ability to pay attention to the present moment.

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"After some time with the DBT-app in my phone I must say it is a fantastic tool for me to communicate with my patients around. Patients have a great, quick and easily accessible reminder of the skills, they can create their own lists of favorite skills and they get good tips on how to do everyday practice. The part on treating emotions with a combination of skills is very useful. I have been working with the skills for many years, but I am sure that the app will also make it easier for newer therapists to learn and feel secure with the skills faster.

I highly recommend both DBT-therapists and patients to try this app out and find a personal way of using it!"

Elizabeth Malmquist
Psychologist working with DBT