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Newsletter is out

The DBT Selfhelp & Diary Card app Newsletter is out. Read it to find out more about our app and how to follow our progress. We also declare what we are looking for to further develop the app with updates in the future. Click this link: http://eepurl.com/bvKECb You can subscribe to our newsletter through that link. Best regards Andreas  

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DBT Selfhelp & Diary Card on Google Play

Now the app DBT Selfhelp & Diary Card app is finally released on Google Play ready to be downloaded. The app is created to help clients and therapists who are in DBT but can also benefit others but they might need a bit more time to get used to the language, functions and the use of skills. Click the picture …

adminDBT Selfhelp & Diary Card on Google Play

Online training for DBT-therapists

Online training for DBT-therapists Do you want to make your DBT even more effective? We believe that by using the DBT Selfhelp & Diary Card app in your in- or outpatient therapies and make the app part of program you can make skill training and generalisation much more effective. You as a therapist can create and save your patients crisis …

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Looking for test pilots

Looking for test pilots to try out the DBT Selfhelp & Diary Card app first released on Google Play so to join this team you´ll have to have access to an android device with an updated operating system, no later than 2013.                       Homescreen – it will not exactly look …

adminLooking for test pilots

DBT Selfhelp app on sale

Hi everyone! To celebrate the success of the old app and that it´s still one of the best DBT-apps available and that we´re underway with finishing the new app we´ve a great sale on the old app. The DBT Selfhelp app on Google Play and App store is now on sale with more than 75% off which makes it a …

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The app release is delayed

The app release is delayed, truly sorry to release these news but we´re going to test it further and then do a test drive run so it will be released in may. There are so many small bits that need to fit together that we had not forseen. The sheer volume of questions contained in the practice exercises (over 250) …

adminThe app release is delayed

Diary Card Practice Exercise

Andreas here with another Developer update and this time I am focused on the chain analysis in DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy). It´s an intricate part of DBT but also one of the hardest to learn to do yourself and as you know I´m working on the DBT Selfhelp & Diary Card app which will contain Chain analysis skill description. Doing …

adminDiary Card Practice Exercise
DBT Selfhelp Diary Card app - Home screen

DBT Selfhelp & Diary Card Developer Update

Monday the 13th and time for a quick update! I´m now working on developing the practice exercises for the Validation and Problem solving modules. The exercises work as a handout which you fill out to help you learn and use the skills, and thus are essential for learning DBT-skills. My goal is to make the practice exercises as compact without …

adminDBT Selfhelp & Diary Card Developer Update

Keep updated on the DBT app development

Hello!   This blog is not being updated as often as we had planned but we are very active in the social media so if you want to hear and see what we are doing you could follow us on: Twitter: www.twitter.com/DBTSelfhelpapp Facebook: www.facebook.com/DBTSelfhelp Facebook group: DBT Selfhelp & Diary Card app Instagram: www.instagram.com/dbtselfhelpapp/   We are still aiming to have the …

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