DBT Self-help & Diary Card Developer Diary 2

Developer Diary 2


The crowdfunding campaign is on its 8th day and it´s a crawl where we seem to be getting stuck at the same time that we are expanding our crowd we aren´t getting the funding as I planned. I admit do a misscalculation on the willingness to support this project and the readiness for companies and organisations to invest in something that would benefit their members. It still remain 22 days so I am not saying that there will not be any sponsors but I admit to misscalculation on the speed of their actions.

We are resarching other ways to bring the DBT Self-help & Diary Card to the world by using outsourcing to skillful developers in other countries and by doing that cutting down costs dramatically or inviting investors. The latter would bring out a more expensive app as they would like to receive a return on their investment as they are not die hard believers on bringing relief but men of finance.

So there is alot to think about as the lead developer on this subject but rest assured, I will create this app but hopefully many of you will support it making the road less long and dangerous.

I am today going to work on the skill work sheets or home work sheets and perfecting them and continue writing the problem solving skills. It´s alot of work with the texts making them short, concise without losing importance and content.

Join our campaign now at: igg.me/at/dbt-app

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