DBT Selfhelp app on sale

Hi everyone!

To celebrate the success of the old app and that it´s still one of the best DBT-apps available and that we´re underway with finishing the new app we´ve a great sale on the old app.

The DBT Selfhelp app on Google Play and App store is now on sale with more than 75% off which makes it a great investment in your skill training. Many asks me if DBT skills just are for those diagnosed with BPD or having great emotional distress and I answer them no over and over. DBT Skills have been collected from Cognitive Behavioral Interventions and other areas and applied as tools to manage emotions, relations and problem solving so they are useful for anyone.

I use DBT Skills every day, and so do most of DBT therapists out doing great clinical work.

When I first pitched my idea of a DBT-app to a business coach she told me that those skills I talked about seem to be what she was looking for and many others and that I should really focus on a Life Skills app but I would not listen, as my goal and intention was to help my DBT patients I was seeing. I was not planning to build an app to make money, but to facilitate skill learning and make the personal skill lists easily managed and always available.

But now I´m getting side tracked, the point to make is, now it´s being sold at a great price the entire month so take this opportunity to gift it to those you think might be helped by the skills inside.

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