The DBT Selfhelp and Diary Card app will be released

DBT Skills for everyone 

Great news to everyone interested in the DBT Selfhelp and Diary Card app, we are still moving forward to create this useful tool for effective skills in managing your life. Even though the crowdfunding campaign was a complete miss we have found our strength to get up on our feet and find new ways to acchieve our goals. It took a great deal of acceptance and using skills to be effective when emotions and thoughts were trying to move us in opposite direction.

We are today most likely finalizing the content and sending it off to be proof read and translated so that the skillful programmers can get going to make our ideas into a fully working app. We have however been forced to make slight changes and will release it first on Google play for the android devices and then a couple of months later follow it up with a release on App store.

The great news is though that we have been promised to have a stronger datacollecting feature and also that you the user can present your data in your device with easy to follow graphs so see your progress. So we are excited and firmly believe that this will enhance the efficiency of Dialectical Behavior Therapy, facilitate research and studies and help even those who are not in any treatment program to get the opportunity to learn and use effective DBT skills.

The newsletter will start going out when we begin the technical production so you can follow our steps towards completing the app.

Best wishes and stay safe – use your skills!


adminThe DBT Selfhelp and Diary Card app will be released