DBT Selfhelp Diary Card app - Home screen

DBT Selfhelp & Diary Card Developer Update

Monday the 13th and time for a quick update!

I´m now working on developing the practice exercises for the Validation and Problem solving modules. The exercises work as a handout which you fill out to help you learn and use the skills, and thus are essential for learning DBT-skills. My goal is to make the practice exercises as compact without loosing vital parts which have proven to be quite a challenge so that´s what is taking so much time and effort. I want to get it right.

At our release there will be three practice exercises for each skill module except for the relationship effectiveness which will contain four exercises.

We are at stage 3 in the development and I can now present a picture of the Home screen, bear with me, it´s not finished, the end result will be even prettier but you get the important stuff, what buttons and functions will be there at your disposal when you start up the app.


DBT Selfhelp Diary Card app - Home screen


Help us reach and help others

Please, help us spread the word about the coming app so that more people can get access to the app once it´s launched. The medical community need to hear that there are other tools that can be effective and perhaps get rid of some of the papers patients today must carry with them everywhere.

Share our materials and links, join us on social media and let us together make it a little bit easier for those in great need.

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Best wishes

Andreas Nordlund

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