DBT-therapists and teams

DBT-therapists and teams

You can use the DBT Self-help & Diary Card app as a DBT-therapist or a team working in a DBT-program to strengthen the skills training and facilitating skill learning and skill generalisation. If you are engaged in individual therapy the Diary Card function will make self-registration with Diary Cards much easier and you can show the data in an ecxel sheet complete with graphs. There are many advantages in using the app and with minimum costs that also will save time it´s only the reluctance to use technology or devices that are the main road blocks for integrating this tool into therapy.

The DBT Self-help & Diary Card is under development and is planned to be released in the fall of 2014 but we need your support to make that happen, to pay for the development costs which consists of the programmers, graphic artists and translators. The rest of the cost to make the app is payed for by Cognitus Psychotherapy & Development, the company that developed the DBT Self-help app in 2011.

If you as a DBT-therapist or member of a team or head of a clinic using DBT wants to join the campaign to build the DBT Self-help & Diary Card app you can visit the campaign page at Indiegogo http://igg.me/at/dbt-app and choose your commitment and even receive certain perks for your investment. You will also receive perks as a team that will be valuable in the work to integrate the app in therapy as well as a therapist guide with tips & tricks on how to make therapy more effective using the app. Your team will be featured on our Wall of fame on the web and also in our app as a team who´ve supported the development and received training in the app integration into practice.

For companies we offer sponsorship perks where your company logo will be displayed in the app at the ´About´ section under Official sponsors and at our webpage on the top of the Wall of fame. If your company is interested they can also sign up researchers and therapists to our expert panel to communicate directly to us about the development and influence the coming app.

The number of sponsors we offer this deal to are limited so you should act now to make sure you will get the oppertunity to support the DBT Self-help & Diary Card.


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