DBT Self-help & Diary Card: Developer Diary 1

Developer diary

My name is Andreas Nordlund and I am the lead developer of the DBT Self-help & Diary Card app and project manager of the crowdfunding campaign soon to launch on Indiegogo. In this diary I will give you insight into the creative process, the struggles, failures and the successes in creation process of the app and crowdfunding campaign.

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Who is Andreas? I´m a Cognitive and Dialectical Behavior Therapist, Mindfulness instructor and developer of self-help guides and systems with a burning drive to bring the theories and techniques out from therapy rooms and into the hands and minds of the people who need it. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, being in the woods, reading books and learning new things, and playing games alone or in the company of friends. I live in southeast part of Sweden but originally I am from the very north part, more than 1500kms from where I now live with my family. I run the small company Cognitus Psykoterapi och Utveckling which translates to Cognitus Psychotherapy and Development.

Andreas Nordlund

So where are we now in the developement process of the DBT Self-help & Diary Card?

We have the wire frames and the mock-ups finalized and delivered from the development consultants  Appcorn which they constructed during intense communication with me giving pointers on the other end. I had in advance drawn up the specs about the features and functions of the app, essentially what I want the user to be able to do with the app and what those functions and features enables the user to do in terms of reinforcing behaviors or helping the user to gain knowledge or access skill descriptions. It´s so fantastic to see your  ideas come to life and even expand as experts in app functionality interpret somewhat differently and even perfects the vision into concrete functions. I have a deep appreciation for Robin and Niklas at Appcorn and I think this project will be on schedule thanks to the professional work of the experts from Appcorn.

I have been putting in over time to work out the new skills and modules, problem solving and validation, two very interesting skill modules that I will hopefully find time to post about at a later date.

There have also been time spent building contacts with experienced DBT-therapists all over the world and getting feedback from them on what they would like to see in an app, what they think is going to increase skill learning and skill use for their clients and themselves. Any therapists or clients reading this can contact me give their thoughts or get information on how to get into the beta test pilot team, which will be one of the perks for joining the DBT Self-help & Diary Card app campaign at Indiegogo.

I´ve also been blessed with an addition to the webdesign and graphics crew, the most talented Liza who built the new webpage and made the graphics you see about the coming app. She is an entrepreneur who has just started her business but in my mind she is really an artist at heart and then an entrepreneur.

What about the crowdfunding?

That has been the most challenging and time consuming task at the moment as it´s a completely new area for me but I am confident that we will launch the crowdfunding campaign on schedule. To begin with I started working on the story describing why we are doing this, what we hope to acchieve with our app and how we think the app will be a effective help for people in great suffering. I consumed massive amounts of texts, guides and videos about how to describe the project in an effective manner which is something I reccomend if you are not a marketing genius.

My first idea was to have an explainer video but the idea was scrapped as I did not want money to be spent that could go to building the app so instead I will go with delivering the pitch myself over video, a choice made with some dread as I am not the type who thrive in publicity but doing it for a good cause motivates me. I hope you´ll like it and perhaps even give me some feedback to grow from the experience. Perhaps it will be a medium instead of me writing the diary, I make short videos updating you on the progress of the campaign and the app development.

My hopes are that the campaign reaches the very people that the app can help or the people that work with these groups of people but also everyone else as the skills described can be an effective tool for anyone who wishes to train their skills in emotion management, building positive relationships and be more aware in the present moment. I think that include everyone of us as we all have these feelings at times and we all have behaviors in those moments that are not working for us. The hard part is to communicate that in an effective manner and I hope I will get alot of help from followers of our apps and our campaign.

I have also been building up our twitter following and tried to reach therapists and organizations in Spain and Germany, two of the languages we aim to have the app translated to. As the lead developer in a very small team places a heavy work load on my shoulders but at the same time I am having a great time doing what I love for a cause that is worthy.

That´s it for now. I hope you will join us, together we can build something that can make a difference for thousands of people.

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