It´s really all about helping people live a life with less suffering and increased well being and life quality.
We can all help the world be a better place by helping ourselves and others to live here and now and
I believe that it can be done by using skills that have been shown effective in decreasing suffering, managing difficult emotions and navigating through relations to acchieve greater happiness and wellbeing. We know that these skills help but the difficult part is to learn, train and use these skills in your life, at times when other impulses might arise which are
It is a self-help tool and skills guide to help people learn, train and use skills mostly adapted from Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills program. This new app will have a Diary Card function which allows the user to monitor and register their behaviors (they wish to change), emotions and skills they use or practice.

Building on the success of the first app I aim to build a new app or new version of the previous app to really acchieve everything that was first envisioned for a really effective self-help tool and make it available for scientific research regarding its efficiency in skill acquisition and generalisation. In other words, how helpful is the app when it comes to helping people learn the skills needed to acchieve positive results and how effective is the app in the long term.

The most important function that will be developed is the Diary Card which in my mind is that really will help the user see how emotions, thoughts and behaviors are connected and notice that by using skills they can change both how they feel, act and the consequences of their behaviors.

The DBT Self-help and Diary Card app will have a userfriendly interface with tutorial guides that lowers the learning curve, it´s supposed to be fun to use the app.

Yes! As the skills of DBT are gathered from a wide variety of areas that have shown to be effective the skills can be viewed as universal. The app itself contain such detailed theory and rational behind the skills as well as thorugh skill descriptions that it requires no previous knowledge of DBT, CBT or Mindfulness.

Who can benefit from this app?
We can all benefint from this app as these skills helps us manage emotions and human behavior that are shared by every human being. We all have feelings that gives us impulses to act and if the feelings are strong then we have difficulty acting opposite those impulses which we sometimes need to do. We all are engaging in relations both private and professionally and being skillful may increase the situations when we get what we want or refuse what we don´t want. Today we are almost in a constant flow of information and distracting input that most of us are struggling to focus on the present moment and be aware of what is happening right now. The app helps us with both theory and practice of skills that we can train to increase our abilities to focus and be more effective in our lives regardsless of who we are and what we do.

Yes! As I have been contacted by numerous organizations and companies that want to see a continued development of the first app, they are now encouraged to support the develpment that they so badly want. There are several benefits for those who support and one particular is the possibility to be part of the development board that can give suggestions and give feedback so that the app is more suited to the needs of that organization or company. An other benefit is the online workshop reward that gives a supporting organization the option to send a group of therapists to get training in how to implement the app in excisting therapy.

Organizations and companies will also be given the option to be presented as an official sponsor in the app itself, on the web and featured in news releases detailing the project.

Free webinars and e-books are also included here but most importantly, they are part of a project aimed to save lives and decrease suffering.

I hope that companies and organizations that use DBT in their treatments will come forward to back this project as it is a tool that they can use themselves to enhance their therapy results and success.

You are a part of making this happen, of bringing these tools to the people who need them and perhaps you are one of them. You´ll have our and many others gratitude and your name can be shown on the wall of fame on our webpage, shouted out on twitter or youtube. The app itself when it´s released is also one of the perks of backing the development. You can also get access to webinars on how to increase the effectiviness of the app and the skills as well as DBT-coaching in how to use the app in ongoing therapy. If you are interested there are also a few open spots for the beta testing which will give you early access to the tools and the possibility to influence the development as we are very interested in getting feedback from all users.
My name is Andreas Nordlund and I live in Sweden where I am a Cognitive behavior and Dialectical Behavior Therapist, Mindfulness instructor and consultant who have worked in a DBT-team in Gothenburg where I first discovered the need for a self-help tool based on these skills.

I feel a deep commitment to helping people suffering of overwhelming emotions which might also trigger destructive impulsive behaviors. Helping people learn the skills needed for them to change what they themselves think need changing and help people live a life that is meaningful for them.

Cognitus Psykoterapi och Utveckling which translates to Cognitus Psychotherapy and Development is my company which offers psychotherapy, coaching, organizational development, courses and lectures to private and corporate clients. I also work as a CBT-therapists with another company where I help patients referred through primary care clinics.