Online training for DBT-therapists

Online training for DBT-therapists

Do you want to make your DBT even more effective? We believe that by using the DBT Selfhelp & Diary Card app in your in- or outpatient therapies and make the app part of program you can make skill training and generalisation much more effective. You as a therapist can create and save your patients crisis lists for easy access in telephone coaching and also keep track of your own skill practice and target behaviors. You have also easy access to skill descriptions to never be left wondering in how to coach individual or group patients in how to do the skills.

Your patients get the full benefit of having an app in which they can monitor their emotions, behaviors and skill usage, and share that information with therapists to use in therapy or use the data in research and to monitor progress.

We offer short efficient webinars and skype coaching sessions where we go through the different functions and give tips on how to integrate the app into your existing programs. You get personal access to the developer of the app who has expereince as a skills trainer and individual therapist and who also created the first commercial DBT-app.

Availability for Skype Coaching is limited to a select number each month and participants of the Therapist Test Pilot Group are first in line to option for this opportunity.

Skype coaching can at the moment only be delivered in english and swedish but we will be able to deliver it in more languages at the end of the year.


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