The app release is delayed

The app release is delayed, truly sorry to release these news but we´re going to test it further and then do a test drive run so it will be released in may. There are so many small bits that need to fit together that we had not forseen. The sheer volume of questions contained in the practice exercises (over 250) was exhaustive to say the least and the programmers were stunned by the small bits they needed to fix.

Good news are that we´re going to put the old DBT Self-help app on sale selling it for a 1.99$ on app store and I think even cheaper on Google Play, so if you don´t have it, now is the time. The old app is still the best resource for skill descriptions and the crisis and skill lists make keeping your skills in check a bit easier.

So get your download of the DBT Self-help at Google Play and App store:


adminThe app release is delayed